Battle for the top spot and win awesome prizes! We’re giving away deluxe retro bundles to the highest scorers for each of the five games at the end of each month.


The super deluxe retro bundle includes:
1x Retro sweet box 1x Rubik's Cube 1x Classic Simon Game 1x retro T-shirt

We’ll also be giving away 20 retro T-shirts each month to lucky gamers, to enter the prize draw, simply sign-up and play the games!

Prize Bundle


The competition starts Tuesday 1st August 2017 and ends Tuesday 31st October 2017

To qualify for a bundle prize you need to be in the top position for any of the five games by the end of the month. You can have another shot at the top spot in September and October where leaderboards will reset, with a whole month to claim the highest score!

The T-shirts lucky dip will commence on Tuesday 1st August and winners will be announced at the beginning of each month.

Please read the terms and conditions before entering.

Now start playing!