Which retro character are you in the workplace?

In the workplace a good team is made up of strong skillsets and talented individuals. What characteristics do you match most out of our top four retro heroes?

Pac Man –

Pac Man is precise and works well under pressure. He finds the best route to ensure his responsibilities are carried without delays. Pac Man is consistent and hard working; just make sure there are always snacks around, to encourage optimal performance!

Mario Bros –

Although you are often moving in a straight line, you choose to take the creative route and grab all the extra opportunities in front of you. The Mario bros work well in a team and are extroverts!

Link –

Link is ambitious; he will take on any challenge in order to reach a peaceful outcome. Alongside his peace-making & quiet traits, Link is brave, he’s not afraid to take risks to resolve an issue.

Lara Croft –

Lara is independent, she is comfortable working alone and likes to set goals for herself to achieve. Lara Croft is a leader; she is powerful and capable of adjusting to any surroundings.

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