The Retro Clothes That Are Back On Trend!

Most trends never really disappear; they always seem to re-emerge in a new decade with a new ‘retro’ name. This year the most popular styles seem to be a mash up of the 80s and early 90s. Join in the retro fashion trends this season with some of these items!

Vintage Denim

You definitely haven’t forgotten Jennifer Anniston in those high-waisted jeans as Rachel in Friends. ‘Mom Jeans’ are now back on trend, with high street stores stocking them in all different styles. Joining them, Flares are back in as seen at Coachella and unfinished hems are appearing on denim shorts and skirts as summer approaches. Look out for these retro trends on your high street!


Backpacks, bomber jackets, shoes…. You name it, its embroidered. This beautiful trend is back and it’s appearing everywhere. Every designer and high street store has an embroidered item. Start fishing through your parent’s attic, find your old pieces and jump on the trend!

Crushed Velvet

The 90s inspired slip dress over a t-shirt trend is back, and this time the dresses are incorporating and even more retro trend- crushed velvet. Velvet may seem like it never really went out of style, but keep an eye out for crushed velvet slip dresses and cami-tops that will give you 90s flashbacks!

Vintage Sportswear

80s style sportswear is back. But don’t start tracking down your old shell suit. It’s all about the loose fitting retro branded jackets and coloured Lycra yoga pants. High streets are starting to look as colourful as Gyms in the 80s!

Structured Shoulders

A popular forecast from the 2017 fashion weeks was structured shoulders in jackets, blazers and blouses. Are shoulder pads making a comeback?

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